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The studio of Grimsrud Art and Design specializes in creating environments, both commercial and residential, which exhibit an intuitive artistic sensibility.

Grimsrud Art & Design employs a variety of specific elements and services to create your custom-designed environment. This may include design and color consultations, architectural design and rendering, surface design (decorative finishes) murals on canvas or in situ, art pieces (both two-dimentional on canvas and three-dimentional sculpture), fresco murals or decorative paintings in plaster, custom-designed stencils and decorative motifs, Trompé l'oiel or architecturally-painted spatial illusions and custom-designed furniture and cabinetry.

Owner Wayne Grimsrud believes an artistic sensibility can and should be applied to every aspect of our lives and will guide you in the process of creating your own custom-designed environment. Since opening his studio in 1992, he has mastered many popular decorative finishes such as stucco Venetiano (Venetian plaster), hand-trowelled plaster textures, faux bois and faux marbré, in addition to many others. He employs his knowledge of Art and Architectural style and history, as well as specialized materials and techniques to achieve a complete, created environment that is harmonious.


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